Cybersecurity has an effectiveness problem!

Andy Bohmbach is a Customer Success Manager for Arctic Wolf ensuring a successful security journey for his partners, and clients. He has been with Arctic Wolf for a little under a year, and has been in the technology space for over 6 years. Andy is passionate about helping his clients fight against cyber-attacks and improving their overall security posture.

You may have great general security on your building, including an alarm system, fingerprint locks, biometric enablements and many other tools but if you are really looking to have the best security you need active staff watching your place to keep it safe.  These folks should be your first line of notification!

This is no different in the cyber world. Someone needs to be watching your systems and keeping an eye open for the bad guys that are trying to break into your system. 

Take the time to find out how a SOC/SIEM (Security Operations Center/ Security Incident Event Management) solution can actually be made affordable to the average business owner (what would you pay to keep your reputation intact?)  Join us for this information business oriented webinar that will cover just how a SOC/SIEM service could save you from disaster!

May 20 @ 1:30PM or May 26 @ 9:30AM

Pick a date and time that works for you!

May 20 @ 1:30PM – Sold out!


May 26 @ 9:30AM – Sold Out!