Fusion IT Safeguards Your
Data Recovery in Grand Rapids

Companies have relied on tape backups or other internal systems for preserving information for decades. Today, those methods are as past their prime as paper files. They’re expensive and unreliable. Failures are common. Security breaches are a threat. Unfortunately, businesses often don’t realize the risks they run until the damage has been done. But with Fusion IT’s data backup and recovery services, businesses in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and across West Michigan can guard against threats with a system that will work for your business – one that’s easy to manage and suits your budget and business needs.

Companies that suffer catastrophic data losses take significant hits … to their revenue, to employee morale, and potentially to their competitive edge.

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Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup Services

  • Available on Windows, Linux & Mac OSX
  • Continually protect desktops, laptops, servers & more
  • Data recovery driven by the end user or administrator
  • Fast, network-speed recovery times using the latest recovery-as-a-service technology
  • Can restore whole volume or specific files, emails or folders
  • Brick-level restore of Microsoft Exchange
  • Advanced Microsoft SQL Server support
  • Custom scheduling
  • Custom point-in-time restore interval for tight recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Backs up opened files
  • Backs up Active Directory

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Performs offsite, remote backups according to an automated schedule
  • Eliminates the hassle of tape archives
  • Protection from fire, theft, sabotage & natural disasters
  • Data encrypted at a leading data center in North America or Europe
  • Fully-replicated appliance sent overnight in the event of site failure
  • Tight recovery point objectives (RPOs) met through custom point-in-time restore interval

Business Continuity

  • Configurable frequency of disk image versioning
  • Save critical time by creating complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware
  • Fail back to the replacement server

Benefits of Our Data Backup and Recovery Services

In-House vs Outsourced

Efficient, Fail-Safe Routing

A dynamically controlled border gateway protocol (BGP) means you get smart, fail-safe routing of all your information. Performance is top notch and uptime is ensured. With continuous monitoring of network performance, we maximize connection speed while minimizing latency. This optimization applies to offsite backups as well.

Speed, Reliability, Scalability

Using tier 1 backbone providers and multiple gigabits of provisioned bandwidth capacity delivers maximum speed, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability. Increasing data growth is covered with petabyte storage potential on the back-end.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements are rapidly changing and often burdensome. Don’t worry — we’re on top of them all so you don’t have to be. Our expert team monitors the relevant criteria for your business environment and deploys solutions accordingly.

Least-Cost Model

One of the best features of working with Fusion IT is you get up-to-date technology while enjoying the cost-saving benefits of effectively splitting the expenses with other businesses.

Protect Against Problems; Recover Quickly if They Strike

Fusion IT’s backup and disaster recovery services make it easy to safeguard your business information. Installation is simple and backups are automatic. Security is solid and maintenance is handled by a dedicated group of professionals. The offsite storage system allows scalability and provides 24×7 file restoration.