Congratulations on Taking
This Vital First Step In Securing Your Business
From A Cyber Attack Or Ransomware

Most business owners simply hope and wish their network is secure enough to lock out today’s aggressive cybercriminals. But not you — you took ACTION!

Starting now, our team will be hard at work preparing your Cyber Risk Index Score. You can expect to receive your company’s unique and accurate score in the next few days. In addition, you will get a full report detailing the three key areas that make up your score:

  1. Your results from our simulated “hacker” attack. These results will predict just how likely your business will suffer a ransomware attack from a real hacker.
  2. A summary of all exploits and risks of a data breach found on your network. Don’t ignore these.
  3. Your total compromised credentials found on the Dark Web – the underworld market where cybercriminals trade sensitive information.

Be on the lookout for this Cyber Risk Index Score (CRIS) Report to be delivered in just a few days. It will be written in plain English, and your results will be displayed similar to a FICO credit score. So, at a glance, you’ll know where you stand.

I assure you that whatever is discovered (or discussed) will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you again for taking a critical first step in protecting your data, your assets and your business.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

We never had a real IT Partner till Fusion IT!

As a small business, we never felt wanted by our other provider. We never felt like we had a ‘partner’. We don’t have an IT specialist onsite, so it always seemed they were able to find the solutions that would benefit them the most. Fusion IT really cares about our support and has been a great solution for our team being very responsive. It’s always a leap of faith when you start with a new IT provider and after several meetings with multiple providers, we settled on Fusion IT and we have NOT regretted that decision. Take the time to have a meeting with Fusion – I’ve found that they actually do what they say they are going to do which was a refreshing experience! – Jake Stroburg

Treated like a valuable client and not just a number!
Fusion IT provides the personal touch and I have great comfort knowing that Fusion IT knows my business and systems. Detailed explanations are always given in terms that can be understood by the average non-tech person unlike our experience with other firms in the past. Fusion IT always treats you as their best customer (even though I believe I am!) from the help desk to upper management and in between! – Mike Marine