Hello Friends, Michael Waldschlager, CEO of Fusion IT. First and foremost, I want to give thanks to God for each of our Heroes who are leaders, medical professionals, first responders, scientist, volunteers and caregivers for their courage and unwavering dedication as we unite the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Our community thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

Business owners, recent events have exposed us all to the reality of a true business risk outside of our control that rendered us helpless. Business continuity is the prescription to cure the cyber virus pandemic that plagues us. Risk mitigation is critical to your livelihood as we embrace a re-opened economy. The criminals are not asleep but alive and preying on your fears, emotions, data and employees.

At Fusion IT, we come along side to co-manage and be your Cyber Risk Advisor. We have solutions that are:  Proactive, Secure, Scalable and Budget friendly …

Whether you need fully managed IT or network support or simply want a guarantee that your data is recoverable. Visit us at Fusion dash IT dot net.     Thank you and God Bless!