Our ownership in Fusion IT is comprised of three active members who share core values and a culture that nurtures trust, integrity, respect, servanthood and personal growth. Serving complementary leadership roles, they bring a unified strength to Fusion IT for the next phase of their journey together.

Michael Waldschlager

Curtis Irwin

Ken Nelson

Integrator, President, CEO and CFO

Visionary, Founder, Executive VP and CTO

VP, Sales & Marketing

Michael Waldschlager, a seasoned C-suite entrepreneur, contributes leadership and multi-channel business management acumen, as well as M&A experience. He serves as Mentor, President, CEO and CFO.

Curtis Irwin, Founder & Microsoft Certified Professional, delivers virtual (cloud) hosting, managed services and data center expertise. He serves as Executive VP and CTO.

Ken Nelson, VP, Sales & Marketing was a principle from Millennia and seasoned IT veteran having formed and worked in multiple aspects in the MSP Industry.