Phishing SIM/Awareness Training

6 out of every 10 SMBs are victims of a cyberattack, with 90 percent of data breaches starting with a phishing email

“65% of SMBs would fail in under 30 days if they suffered a permanent loss of essential data.”

Your partner in security awareness

Complete your loss prevention program and arm your teams against cyberattacks with FIT CyberSec Phishing Sim/Awareness Training. As part of Fusion IT’s Managed Security Services practice, our training is fully managed by experienced security professionals and backed by a best-in-class industry leader with a 20-year history in data security and training.

Complete Team Protection

During this 12-month program, our security professionals will guide your team’s progress, reporting results quarterly and adjusting the training as needed. Create phishing and security awareness that develops:

Motivated Teams Adopting Positive Security Habits

  • Develop baselines to understand behavior
  • Build knowledge with interactive, role-based training
  • Empower risk notification behaviors

A Pervasive Culture of Awareness

  • Create an understanding of organizational trends
  • Develop awareness-building communication
  • Recognize and reinforce positive individual behavior change

Tailor Made for Your Success

This flexible program accommodates a variety of company roles, security aptitudes and preferred learning styles. Highly interactive, it offers real-world phishing simulations as well as hundreds of 15- to 30-minute online videos. Our team will work with you to implement a program that not only protects your employees quickly but is also proven to engage learners and build a lasting security-sensitive culture.

Enhance your cybersecurity today by contacting Fusion IT to enroll your teams.