If you are in the financial services sector the following is a MUST read for you!

You might be subject to serious repercussions if you don't follow these rules!

In May of 2022 the FTC clarified the SAFEGUARD RULES that were updated in 2021 for financial organization institutions that change how you as a financial advisor must now comply with new and enhanced cyber security rules. 

If you are a mortgage lenders, payday lenders, finance companies, mortgage brokers, account servicers, check cashers, wire transferors, collection agencies, credit counselors and other financial advisors, tax preparation firms, non-federally insured credit unions, and investment advisors you will be subject to these rules.

Here is a link to the new rules:


The bottom line is it requires that you designate a qualified individual to implement and supervise your company‚Äôs security program. (It does not have to be an employee). If you don’t know how to start with cyber security, simply give us a call or contact us with the form located here! 

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