What are some of the risks to business with respect to poorly delivered IT?
  • Too much technology! – Have you had too much technology implemented in your business?  A good example is implementing the Cadillac version when all you need is a Chevy!  Have you had a system implemented that was so complex you never used even 5% of it’s features?
  • Not enough technology! – Solutions like this can be found in many small businesses.  Examples are falling short on your business forecasting so that you end up buying a new server that only makes it a year instead of three to five!
  • Not the right technology! – Instead of replacing the main network switch with a correct one someone simply “adds” a “Best Buy” switch to extend the network!
  • Not focused on the business needs! – Technology for technologies sake is the wrong solution!  You need IT solutions that address your business needs and can properly grow with you without breaking the bank!
  • Single IT person – While many small businesses do have a single IT person the problem comes in when that person leaves and takes the keys to your IT kingdom with them!  This single IT person can be an outside “one man band”.  Would you fly on an airplane without a co-pilot on board?  Too costly? We challenge you to try out our on-line, risk free calculator HERE.
  • Poorly implemented IT – There is only so much knowledge that one person can have and if they don’t have the expertise to properly implement a solution you can end up with disaster!
  • Security – IT in and of itself requires a high level of expertise let along Security!  Do you have the resources to stay on top of all of the security issues that that come up on a daily basis?  Poorly implemented IT can result in serious risks to your organization that could compromise it completely! 
  • Not valuing the data! – Some SMB’s do not value their data UNTIL they lose it!  If you want to see how valuable your data is unplug your main server for a couple of days! 
  • No offsite backup – Even if you backup your data locally you need what is called an “air gap” backup where the only connection between your network and your data backup is the air (off-site)!  This can save you from things like ransomware. 
  • Lack of education – Unfortunately this is one of the biggest areas that can impact a business.  Proper security education today is more critical than ever.  over 70% of all data breaches are caused by people clicking on the wrong link!