Why Fusion IT and Ruckus Wireless Are Partners

Fusion IT partners with solid, innovative companies who deliver effective business solutions with superior technology. Ruckus is the industry leader for integrated seamless handoffs between Access Points (APs), allowing users uninterrupted access to their device. Ruckus created simple hardware solutions with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.

Why Contact Fusion IT:

As a leading technology company, we can acknowledge and respond to your feature requests or support requirements more efficiently. As a certified partner, Fusion IT has the experience and understanding to expertly handle all aspects of the hardware, including the wireless configurations and any complexities that may arise. We are experts in space planning for appropriate signal coverage, which provides an exceptional user experience.

ZoneFlex R310

The ZoneFlex R310 is the industry’s lowest cost enterprise class 802.11ac access point. It is perfect for low client density deployments such as coffee shops, convenience stores where cutting edge Wi-Fi is necessary, but only a lean IT staff is needed to manage the network. This is a perfect entry level enterprise class access point that delivers maximum value at minimal cost.

ZoneFlex R510

The ZoneFlex R510 brings cutting edge 802.11ac Wave 2 to the mid-tier segment, designed to improve aggregate network throughput. It combines Ruckus patented technologies and best-in-class design to deliver outstanding Wi-Fi performance and reliability. This unit is purpose-built for medium density, high performance and interference-laden environments such as schools, small-medium businesses, hotels and conference centers.

ZoneFlex R710

The ZoneFlex R710 is industry’s highest performance Wave 2 access point. With extremely high throughput capacities, it simultaneously transmits to multiple client devices, drastically improving airtime efficiency, overall throughput, and availability. The ZoneFlex R710 is specifically designed for high-capacity, high performance and interference-laden environments such as universities, public venues, hotels, etc, making this the perfect choice for data-intensive streaming multimedia applications.

Wi-Fi Site Survey:

Fusion IT‘s service engagements include an informative pre & post installation Wi-Fi spectrum analysis surveys to capture coverage and evaluate the WLAN environment for optimal performance.

To discuss how your organization can benefit from this proven technology, contact our Sales Team at Fusion IT at 616-828-5360.