Cyber Security On Demand Webinars that the Business Owner can understand!

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Fusion IT is dedicated to reducing the risk of a cyber attack or breach in your business.  We have compiled best in class services that address the various aspects of Cyber Security.  Take a look below and sign up for some of the best business information on how to reduce your risk.  It’s not a matter of IF, its a matter of WHEN!

Would you like to see how to REALLY recover from a ransomware attack? We will cover one of the Next generation AI driven anti-virus and malware tool set that allows for real time monitoring for both traditional attacks and new zero-day attacks. 

SentinelOne monitors how users are operating and can instantaneously detect anomalies. It also includes full roll back for crippling Crypto attacks. It is a must see webinar if you plan on keeping your remote workers AND your data safe!  These sessions are limited in size so you will be able to ask questions.  They also will be recorded so you can watch them later if you miss the actual event.   

With many companies now having remote workers on a regular basis, what are some of the steps that you will need to be concerned about so you know that the remote worker that is “working” is really your employee? 

During this webinar we will cover some of the options to protect both you and your remote worker.   

If you’ve been following the latest cyber security news, you know that data breaches and ransomware attacks have continued to grow in both size and sophistication, but you might not be aware that small to medium sized businesses like yours are the most targeted. Data breaches are a real threat that should be taken seriously, and SMBs have a higher susceptibility of suffering a breach. It’s important to understand the potential threats, how they can affect your business, and what you can do to reduce the risks.

We’ll be analyzing how your business credentials end up for SALE on the Dark Web and what you can do to monitor, detect, and prevent your data from winding up in the wrong hands!

You may have great general security on your building including an alarm system, fingerprint locks, biometric enablements and many other tools but if you are really looking to have the best security you need active staff watching your place to keep it safe.  These folks should be your first line of notification!

This is no different in the cyber world.  Someone needs to be watching your systems and keeping an eye open for the bad guys that are trying to break into your system. 

Take the time to find out how a SOC/SIEM (Security Operations Center/ Security Incident Event Management) solution can actually be made affordable to the average business owner (what would you pay to keep your reputation intact?)  Join us for this information business oriented webinar that will cover just how a SOC/SIEM service could save you from disaster!