The future of working remote - How can you be sure that person "working" remote is really your user?

Alexandre Cagnoni has 24 years of experience working in the cybersecurity and authentication market. He helped to plan and deploy MFA projects for banks and enterprises, from small corporate security, to multi-million user deployments.

Alex was the co-founder, CTO and CEO of Datablink, a 10-year-old company acquired by WatchGuard in 2017. He is currently the Director of Authentication at WatchGuard, responsible for AuthPoint, an awarded Cloud-Based Multi-Factor Authentication solution.

With many companies now having remote workers on a regular basis, what are some of the steps that you will need to be concerned about so you know that the remote worker that is “working” is really your employee?  During this webinar we will cover some of the options to protect both you and your remote worker.   

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