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More and more businesses are beginning to turn to cloud computing management simply because the cloud stores your information as an additional form of backup and allows you to access your business anytime, anywhere. Utilizing the cloud is fast, easy and extremely user-friendly. With cloud storage, you always know where your important documents and files are so you can access them from any device or electronic medium. By partnering with Fusion IT, businesses in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and across West Michigan get access to the same data hosting and cloud computing solutions used by Fortune 500 companies for your email, file storage, and backup solutions.

While all of your information is safely and securely in the cloud, maybe you don’t want it all in one cloud storage space. We offer hybrid cloud computing management solutions to give businesses and organizations in West Michigan the flexibility to store some of its information in the cloud, while you keep the most sensitive data stored locally. Whether our partnership supplements your IT department or becomes your IT department, you will save money while getting access to the latest technology.

It’s costly installing suites of software on each computer. Cloud based solutions allow you to load only one application. It changes your entire business … for the better. You’re more efficient.

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Cloud Computing Management Services

Microsoft Office 365

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Hosted Applications

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Virtual Server Hosting

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Server Colocation

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

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Benefits of Our Cloud Based Solutions

No Need to Invest Time on Hardware or Software

You will never have to worry about investing time into researching hardware or software for your business. We make hardware and software recommendations to you that we feel will best fit your business needs. We also provide you with total solutions that keep your hardware and software up to date with the latest technology.

Ability to Scale Up or Down with Your Business Needs

Fusion IT recognizes that each and every business is unique. Your business has exceptional qualities as a company, as well as distinctive IT needs. You may already have an IT department, or maybe you have no IT professional at all. There are so many factors that go into each company, which is why we create custom IT solutions for each and every business.

Quick & Flawless Migration

Remove the stress associated with moving and changing your email, servers and systems, and other services, by utilizing our migration solution. We help make the process quick and easy for your business. Our clients experience little downtime with our migration services. Most businesses keep working through the entire process without experiencing any downtime.

More Affordable than Hosting Internally

Hosting your own IT department can get costly, even if it is just one IT professional. With Fusion IT, you get access to our entire team of business technology experts for a fraction of the cost.

First-Class Support

Sometimes things go wrong with IT, and a lot of times it seems to happen at the most inconvenient moments. Fusion IT understands that your business can’t afford to waste precious time or resources because of downtime. That’s why we offer 24×7 support for your IT service needs.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

In case of that unexpected emergency, cloud computing management is one of the best ways to help ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. It’s difficult to predict when a virus will invade your servers or even when a flood will invade your office. Storing your company’s information in the cloud helps you regain access to lost data and documents. Fusion IT helps you get back to business as usual.